What does cybersafe mean?

Cybersafety is the safe and responsible use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). It is achieved by maintaining a positive approach about the many benefits brought by technologies and by encouraging users to identify the risks associated with ICT.

Being diligent with cybersafety is all the more important when working and caring for young children as they cannot make their own decisions about what is published online.

Whether you are an educator, an administrator, a parent, a family member, caregiver or guardian, please read this page carefully as it includes important guidelines, links and resources on being safe and responsible while online.

Nest's approach to cybersafety

Nest is a password-protected secure space for children, educators and families to share stories and photographs with one another. The personal information and stories relative to each child can only be accessed by their primary guardians. No personal information, textual or otherwise is shared with any third party.

We work with ICT (Information and Communication Technology) security specialists to ensure we have the latest security systems in place, and we consult with early childhood advisors to ensure best practices are implemented. To learn more about how we keep your children’s data safe, read our Privacy Policy.

How can you be safe and responsible online

When sharing anything using technologies such as computers, mobile devices, email and the internet it is important you and everyone else invited to your account understands about internet etiquette (netiquette) and staying safe while online. If you understand and feel confident about cybersafety, it is still important to make sure all those invited to your account have the knowledge they need too.

While Nest is a secure system, people without appropriate knowledge can make it less secure by doing the following:

  • Not keeping passwords safe;
  • Sharing information outside of Nest;
  • Posting irresponsible content or comments.

It is also very important to keep your computer and browser up-to-date by using the latest antivirus software and firewalls and being able to recognise suspicious or antisocial online behaviour.

When you choose your password, choose something consisting of letters and numbers that would be difficult to guess – ie don’t use your name or information that is well known in public. Make sure you never write your password down or share it with anyone, even friends. NEST will never request your password or personal details via email.

Report anyone who you feel is acting suspiciously, or requesting information you feel uncomfortable passing onto them.

Cybersafety for early childhood educators

Nest supports and recommends the development of cybersafe learning where ICT is used safely and responsibly to support effective learning and teaching. It is imperative that you have access to a comprehensive resource that offers the knowledge and skills to ensure you and your centre are cybersafe.

Do you have an ICT policy in place?

Early Childhood learning services have a legal obligation to ensure that all children and equipment is safe, and this extends to ICT use. Putting an ICT policy in place is the first step to meeting those obligations.

Three main components of an ICT policy:

  • Appropriate policies, use agreements and procedures
  • An effective electronic security system
  • A comprehensive cybersafety education programme

The following cybersafety resources will help to get you started; www.cybersafety.communications.gov.au/resources/education

Cybersafety for family and friends

If you choose to share your child’s profile with your extended family it gives your children a genuine and interested audience. Please do not invite someone you do not know and trust.

Can I share information and content outside of Nest?

It is your decision what you choose to share about your children outside of Nest. Remember your children are incapable of making informed decisions about what gets published about them online so you have a responsibility to make sure whatever is shared is in the best interests of your child.

In some cases other children in your learning centre may feature in the same photos and stories as your children. If this is the case, never duplicate or upload them to the internet or social networking sites, or share them with anyone other than family members without permission from the parents of those children.

If there is anything you don't understand or you need further clarification, please feel welcome to email Chelsie on chelsie@nestearlychildhood.com.au