Save valuable time and money!

Spend less time writing, searching through files of photos for the one you want, and be far more efficient with your limited program planning time. This will increase staff productivity, greatly reduce your consumable costs in administration fees (printing, paper, ink and toner) and free up staff to spend more quality time with the children.

Simple to use and intuitive

Simple to use and intuitive

Nest is simple to use, easy to navigate and has been designed by an educator who understands the practical side of working alongside young children. It features a ‘save to draft’ option so when you are busy, you can come back to it later and complete your learning story, program and evaluations at a time that best suits you. It also has a overview screen where you can view all of your work in progress. Simplicity at your fingertips!

Safe and secure

Safe, secure and can be used on multiple devices

This leading edge mobile technology provides a safe, secure and confidential online platform for you to document and share each child’s learning journey with their family and approved guardians. The Nest app can be installed on both iOS (iPads) and Android tablet devices and administered on all mobile and desktop devices.

Transform your documentation

Transform your personal and professional documentation

Create and present beautiful high quality, consistent, professional electronic documentation for your early year’s organisation. You can include your own service logo, philosophy statement, goals and curriculum, and edit the observation tool so that the language you choose best reflects your service values and beliefs.

Strengthen relationships with families

Strengthen relationships with families

At the touch of a screen, examples of children’s learning can be sent to the nominated families at the time it occurs, promoting dialogue and strengthening positive and collaborative relationships with your families. Families no longer need to wait until mid-year teacher interviews and Christmas to receive their child’s portfolio, they can now visit as frequently as they like.

make clear connections to the EYLF & NQF

Australian educators can make clear connections to the EYLF & NQF

The Nest Early Years App will assist Australian educators in meeting the NQF and show evidence of children working towards the EYLF by providing options to select and embed the language of the framework along with the opportunity to critically reflect using your own analysis.

customise curriculums

Global configuration allows you to customise curriculums

You can choose a curriculum that best suits your pedagogy, your state, territory or country and set up your own titles, lines of in inquiry, subjects or frameworks of your choice. These can be updated or modified by you at any time on your administrative section of the website.

The Educational Program

The Educational Program

The educational program has been designed in consultation with other early childhood professionals within Australia. It is straight forward and easy to follow and covers all key requirements as outlined in the NQF. It also has the capacity to directly link your prior observations to your educational program saving you valuable time and keeps a secure online record of all your planned, implemented and evaluated learning experiences.

Educator's Reflective Journal

Educator's Reflective Journal

This feature encourages educators to think more deeply about their practices, seek different perspectives and formulate new ideas and understandings about teaching and learning. The electronic reflective journal is a fantastic tool to share with field workers, part-time staff, staff who share a classroom and most of all with each other.

Capture outdoor learning

Capture outdoor learning

You can take your mobile device with you and capture the children’s learning and engagement in the natural environment i.e. in the playground, the sandpit, gardening, on excursions and field trips, during your wonder walks or visits to the beach. This is a fantastic way to show evidence of how you value outdoor learning and assist children to reconnect with the natural world.

Assessment & Rating

Early Years Assessment & Rating

You will have everything you need at the touch of your screen. Nest offers a quick, simple, easy way to show evidence of your electronic documentation, planning, educational programs, photographs, learning environments, collaboration with families and professional reflections over time.

Printing options

Printing options

Once compiled, your documentation can be printed and shared with families if they do not have access to technology. Please note that printing will need to be done via your desk top, not directly from the app.

The Nest Website

Nest Administration Website

The website can be accessed from any digital device at any time allowing you to securely log in and complete work from home if agreed to by your employer. There is also a direct link to the Nest Early Childhood Pinterest boards where you can view thousands of inspirational play based ideas to assist you with planning.

About Nest Early Childhood

Nest has been designed with a strong emphasis on assisting early childhood educators with simplifying their current documentation methods whilst striving to reach high quality educational outcomes for all children. The Nest App enables educators to thoughtfully and efficiently capture each child’s learning at the time it occurs and provides opportunities for families to be an integral part of their child’s learning journey, strengthening the link between home and care.
It enables educators to spend more quality time with the children, time to gather resources, time to set up beautiful learning environments, time to extend on the children’s interests and create spaces where children can explore, investigate and create many possibilities.

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