Stephanie Rubock Testimonial
Stephanie Rubock

Complex Director/Owner
Footprints Educational Complex, Burnie

Throughout my time in the sector, I have heard educators comment that the burden of having to document children’s learning can be time consuming and can seem quite overwhelming. Not so with the NEST Early Childhood app. NEST encourages educators to move away from planning a program in advance and allows you to capture children’s voices and ideas by observing, planning and evaluating in a fresh and efficient approach.

Planning the NEST way involves giving children a voice, interpreting the clues and then using their interests to inform what the environment looks like. It encourages a better understanding of an emergent curriculum linked with the idea of intentional thinking and reflective practice. NEST supports curriculum areas and helps relate your “learning intent” to the EYLF outcomes.

NEST allows you to view documentation as an important and interactive part of your work with children and families. NEST allows you to share your documentation efforts and experiences while you continue to learn, grow, reflect and develop.

Kareene Deegan Testimonial
Kareene Deegan

Early Childhood Educator
Footprints Educational Complex, Burnie

For someone who everyone knows is computer illiterate, this has been the easiest, most time efficient and rewarding way to capture those moments and plan for future ones.

It means I can focus more on the children and their outcomes and not waste my programming time filing, sorting, searching and connecting it all together - it's all there in your hands. "Where have you been all of my child care life!"

Lynne Templar Testimonial
Lynn Templar

Scheme Manager
Coastal Family Day Care, NW Tasmania

Passionate people love what they do, embrace it and never give up, this sums up Chelsie for us, and her dedication is something to be admired. At Coastal FDC we have been grateful for the time and dedication Chelsie has given to our educators, to inspire and enthuse them in their programming and in their environments.

"Our passions are the winds that propel our vessel. Our reason is the pilot that steers her. Without winds the vessel would not move and without a pilot she would be lost"


Leeanne Bakes-Lynch
Leeanne Bakes-Lynch

Educator, Coastal Family Day Care, Burnie

My name is Leeanne Bakes-Lynch. I have been an early years child care educator now for twelve years. In that time, Chelsie has helped me grow in many ways. Using her vast array of knowledge; she has nurtured, guided and shaped me into a confident and professional educator.

During my time working at Chelsie's early learning centre; Chelsie was my mentor and taught me to work in a team environment with large groups of children.

Since I have become a family day care educator, Chelsie has continued to share her knowledge as an early years consultant, guiding me to successfully observe, plan, program, implement, reflect and extend on each individual child’s learning, as well as teaching the correct way to convey the required information to families about their child’s learning journey in a professional manner.

I am excited to trial Chelsie’s new online program as I believe it will not only fulfil the requirements for documentation needed, but add a new dimension of professionalism to my growing family day care business.

Linda Wooldrage Testimonial
Linda Wooldrage

Centre Director/Owner
Giggles Early Learning, Smithton

Chelsie’s approach is professional, thorough, focussed and personable. Her insight and guidance has provided educators the opportunity to reflect on their current practices and make adjustments where uncertainties and challenges have arisen. Her guidance has enabled me to move closer to our service goals.

Diane Testimonial
Dianne Ferguson

Educational Leader
Giggles Early Learning, Smithton

Chelsie has assisted me to critically reflect, improve and move forward with many of my professional skills in the Early Childhood Sector. I have made significant improvements to my pedagogy, the way I do things, and the effectiveness of my communication in only a short space of time.

Lauren Culph Testimonial
Lauren Culph

Pobblebonks Early Learning Centre, Somerset

I have had the pleasure of knowing Chelsie on a professional level for over 5 years. Throughout this time Chelsie has been a constant and reliable source for professional guidance. As an educator and teacher she has always proven to be highly professional and approachable, providing us with endless amounts of advice. Chelsie is honest and provides critical feedback to make you question what and why you are doing what you are doing. Chelsie encourages a deeper level of thinking and learning within yourself, encouraging professional growth and development.

Chelsie’s passion for aesthetically pleasing and beautiful environments for children is infectious. Her passion and ideas ignite and inspire our own thinking and seek to do better and create better environments in our service.