Customized professional development

Nest Early Childhood offers customized professional development across a broad range of topics relevant to the early years. These are delivered by motivational workshops and key note presentations. If you are interested in any of the following workshops or you would like a workshop specifically designed to meet your needs, then please contact to discuss options/pricing.

Creativity in the early years

  • When you think of ‘creativity’ what comes to mind?
  • Nurturing creativity starts with your image of the child
  • Strategies on how we might support children’s creativity
  • Inspiring creative play spaces to spark children’s curiosity
  • Recording children’s creativity, it is the process that matters!

Connecting children with nature

  • Re-imagining a childhood where children are immersed in the natural world.....designing spaces to explore and investigate
  • Bringing in elements of nature to your environment
  • The art of ‘awareness’
  • Nature deficit disorder
  • The benefits of nature
  • Getting back to basics

Sustainability in the early years

  • An introduction to sustainable practices
  • Reduce, reuse, rethink, recycle
  • Sustainable thinking
  • Viewing children as socially responsible citizens in the present
  • Examples of best practice – from a variety of services
  • Talking tubs, ideas and tips for sustainability experiences

Documenting children’s learning

  • What is the purpose of documentation?
  • Who is the documentation for?
  • What does the NQF and the EYLF require from us?
  • You need to write more than just a great story
  • Examples and information to assist you with documentation

Pine cones and pebbles

  • Getting back to basics – learning through nature
  • Incorporating natural resources into your play environment
  • The theory of loose parts
  • The benefits of ‘Wonder walks’
  • Examples of open-ended play spaces that provoke creativity

Responsive and Respectful Communication

  • Building secure attachments
  • Developing a sense of belonging
  • Attunement – being mindful and present
  • Supporting children’s emotional needs
  • What does it mean to listen?
  • Building collaborative partnerships with families